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Lifetime Award. Rodolfo Pastor and Petra Steinmeyer

Rodolfo Pastor (1940) spent his young years in Argentina learning about everything related to cinema by mostly teaching himself. He founded the cultural organisation Cine Infantil Educativo (C.IN.E.) in Olivos, which would attract other Argentinean talents from the world of art such as the composer Carlos Grätzer and the illustrator Petra Steinmeyer (1953). “She came with an enormous folder of her drawings, and stayed in the Grupo C.IN.E. and in my life,” recalled Rodolfo in an interview in 2012.
Motivated by the arrival of another dictatorship in their country, Petra and Rodolfo decided to try their luck in a young democracy: Spain. They moved definitively to El Raval in Barcelona in 1978, where they would set up the base of their animation operations, which would enable them to make their contributions to programmes as important as Sesame Street or Los mundos de Yupi.
Later, other television productions would follow such as Cartas de un papá, in collaboration with their son Ernesto; Langostino, voiced by Jordi Estadella, and Capelito, the greatest international success of a plasticine mushroom. As if this were not enough, Petra and Rodolfo’s love of stop motion cinema led them to create shorts as varied and incredible as Animatango, Nico & Tina and Un pobre Dios, selected in numerous specialist festivals around the globe.
Animac is proud to recognise the career of this artistic couple who brought joy, for many years, to the lives of children in post-Franco Spain.

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