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The Diary of Bita and Cora

Tuesday 21th February / 18 h. La Llotja, Hall Leandre Cristòfol

Founded in 2000 by Paloma Mora, Valencia-based production company TV ON Producciones made a leap into animation by bringing along veteran stop motion animator/director Vicente Mallols. After his short film El Criptozoólogo (2015), Mallols gave birth to the characters Bita and Cora in an endearing short film of the same name about space exploration for all ages. The two adventurers now explore all kinds of planets as the main heroines of The Diary of Bita and Cora, a very ambitious stop motion animated TV series for the new Valencian broadcaster À Punt.
How is the pipeline ‒ the production process ‒ of an animated stop motion series made in our own country? Paloma Mora and Vicente Mallols will share first-hand their influences, challenges and routines  and how they managed to fund and get off the ground such an ambitious and creative animated series. Long life to adorable aliens!

El diari de Bita i Cora

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