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The Little Prince

France, 1 h 46 min, 2015, 2D animation and stop motion, OVS (English) Director: Mark Osborne Productor: On Animation Studios

Mark Osborne, the director of the multi-awarded cult short film More (1998), once again tackled stop motion with this hybrid adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s universal classic. This time, the main character is a little girl who has just moved to a boring residential area, where she befriends an old aviator who actually met the Little Prince at the Sahara, a long time ago. When the old man is hospitalised due to health issues, the little girl takes his plane and flies to find the Little Prince in person… to end up rescuing him from a grey future with no stars.



Sunday, 24th February / 16 h. La Llotja, Hall Ricard Viñes
FEATURE FILM. All audiences.

La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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