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The Tower

France, Noeway and Sweden, 1 h 14 min, 2018, stop motion, OVS (English and Arab) Director: Mats Grorud Productor: Les Contes modernes, Cinenic Film and Coproductor França-Suècia-Noruega

Wardi, an eleven-year-old Palestinian girl, lives in a refugee camp where she was born. The day her great-grandfather Sidi gives her the key to his old house back in Galilea, she fears he may have lost hope of someday going home. Based and inspired by Bourj el Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut, the first feature film by Norwegian director Mats Grorud uses stop motion to explore and rebuild the story of a family exiled for four generations with sensitivity and historical accuracy.


Saturday, 23th February / 19 h. CaixaForum.
FEATURE FILM. All Audiences / +12

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