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Masterclass. Planet Mark Osborn

With a deliciously perverse sense of humour, Mark Osborne defines himself as a splotchy green-skinned, bug-eyed creature controlled and exploited by a corporate entity called Happy Product Inc., which has forced him for more than 30 years to produce “entertainment” that creates happiness or something that resembles it.
The brilliant career of US director and animator Mark Osborne ‒ one of the architects of Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda franchise ‒ started and was built in stop motion. Trained in experimental animation at CalArts, Osborne directed the short film Greener (1994), a visionary student piece shot in 16mm, and the IMAX short film More (1998), nominated for an Oscar and awarded at Sundance, among many other honours.
A classmate and creative partner of Stephen Hillenburg, the mind behind SpongeBob SquarePants, Osborne directed all its live-action sequences for both the TV series and its first feature film. After the success of Kung Fu Panda, Osborne had the opportunity to adapt the French classic by Antoine de Saint-Exúpery The Little Prince, where stop motion animation was the protagonist of the most poetic, wonderful sequences of the feature film. Osborne will talk about his particular creative planet and his future projects in a wacky, alien-ish masterclass.


Sunday 24th February 12.30 h. / La Llotja, Hall Leandre Cristòfol
CONFERENCE. All Audinces.

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