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A tour to bring Animac to everyone


The Festival only lasts for a few days, but once it closes the doors, there is a small part, the most representative, which goes on a tour looking for public who is interested in the project. This is where Animac Walks comes into play. Of all the films scheduled, the same artistic direction chooses a selection of films in the form of different programs, about an hour each, designed for different audiences and territories. These programs are designed to spread the art of animation in other festivals, theater programs and other cultural events. This year, Animac Walks includes sessions aimed at different audiences: on the one hand, Little Animac Walks, aimed at the youngest public and International Animac Walks with the best worldwide animation proposals that have been presented during Animac.

Animac Walks takes place annually at the end of the Festival. This is the reason why the films are so recent and Animac can provide continuity for schools/institutions.


ANIMAC’s objective has always been to bring to Lleida the riskiest and most committed animation of the moment, and also the creation of partnerships and analogies with other artistic expressions.

In the field of creation and entertainment, technology allows us to mix, increasingly more and better, different languages and techniques. Hybrida, in Latin, refers to the bastard, to the mixture of species. If we were to move the analogy to the current audiovisual world, where animation has infiltrated all genres, we would say that its gene dominates.

From film to videogames, the frame-by-frame work is gaining more prominence. This is why this year’s topic has been devoted to hybridization.

After every edition of the Festival, we offer a good selection of movies in our program. We want to present the most representative works of Animac in Catalonia and the rest of the state. The exhibitions take place in art centres, exhibitions, festivals and cultural centres of reference.

This year, the artistic direction of the Festival has selected 8 works for the program “Animac Walks. Hybrid” (adults) and a total of 6 for its children’s version “Little Animac Walks”, which last 69 and 62 minutes, respectively.

Animac Walks opens its doors to present a selection of the most recent and representative works that have been the essence of such an intense and pluralistic experience. We hope this new edition to be very successful so that many people can enjoy this year’s works!


The program for Animac Camina. Future is Female! consists of 9 works from different authors:

- Animac Camina. Future is Female! (65 minutes)

The program will be accompanied by photographs and video excerpts for its promotion and dissemination.
Most of the films have no dialogues, but in the case of those which are in other languages, the Festival offers Catalan or Spanish subtitles.

The program Animac Camina. Future is Female! will be available until 31st May 2017.

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The program includes a selection of nine international titles with some of the best current short films screened during Animac 2016.
It is a display of varied techniques and representative styles of the Festival.



The program is also a selection of works from around the world presented in the latest edition of Animac 2014. A display of different styles, techniques and languages by the hand of some of the most distinguished guests and participants. This program is strongly recommended for adults.



Kiekje (Snapshot)
The Netherlands, 2012, 2 minutes, computer animation, no dialogue
Director: Arthur van Merwijk
An idyllic clearing in a forest seems the perfect spot to photograph animals in their natural habitat, but a well-meaning couple of day trippers misses everything that takes place right under their noses.


Rabbit and Deer
Hungary, 2012, 16 minutes, puppets and 2D computer animation, no dialogue
Director: Péter Vácz
The friendship between Rabbit and Deer will be tested for Deer’s new obsession to find the formula of the third dimension.


Snejinka (Snowflake)

Russia, 2012, 6 minutes, drawing on paper and 2D animation, SOV (English)
Director: Natalia Chernysheva
A little African boy gets a letter. In the letter he finds a snowflake made of paper. He likes it so much that he wishes to see it in reality and wonders what real snow looks like.


The Smortlybags

Switzerland/China, 2013, 6 minutes, 3D computer animation, no dialogue
Directors: Ted Sieger and Wouter Dierickx
The amazing and endless journey of an elephant driver and his strange flock on a mountain plateau.


Pasta Ya!
France, 2013, 5 minutes, cut paper, no dialogue
Direction: Laurent Pouvaret
A high-handed queen orders her knights to pick apples. But where the apple trees grow, there is a big dragon. Nevertheless, one little knight is cleverer than the others.


Room on the Broom
United Kingdom, 2012, 26 minutes, 3D animation, SOV (English)
Directors: Jan Lachauer and Max Lang
To the annoyance of her cat, a kindly witch allows her dog, a bird and a frog who have helped her retrieve things she has lost to ride on her broomstick, making it top heavy.




Magma, The Vein
Spain, 2013, 1 minute, real image and 3D animation, no dialogue
Director: Dvein
Dvein is a filmmaking and animation group from Barcelona. Magma is a mesmerizing and mind-bending visual adventure, created for Adobe. Facial and topographical landscapes, molten liquids and colours, fuse together in a near seamless integration of live action and digital animation. The look is so precise that artifice, like the video’s subjects and objects, seems to melt away.


Gloria Victoria
Canada, 2012, 7 minutes, drawing and painting on paper and digital, no dialogue.
Director: Theodore Ushev
Third part of a trilogy about the relationship between art and power. From the Russian front to the Chinese revolution, from Dresden to Guernica, big black birds fly over graves while vampires and harvesters move to the sound of Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony.


Premiere Automne
France, 2013, 10 minutes, 2D and 3D computer animation, no dialogue
Directors: Carlos De Carvalho and Aude Danset
Abel lives in the winter and Apolline lives in the summer. Isolated in their “natures”, they never meet each other. They are not even supposed to meet. So when Abel crosses the border and discovers Apolline, curiosity is overwhelming. Their encounter soon becomes more complicated than they could imagine. Both of them will have to learn to compromise to protect the other…


Mademoiselle Kiki et les Montparnos
France, 2013, 14 minutes, diverse techniques, SOV (French)
Direction: Amélie Harrault
Kiki de Montparnasse was the unwary muse of the major avant-grade painters of the early twentieth century. Memorable witness of a flamboyant Montparnasse, she moved beyond her status as a simple model and became a Queen of the Night, a painter, a press cartoonist, a writer and a cabaret singer.


Lettres à la mer
France/ Spain, 2013, 5 minutes, stop motion, OV (Spanish)
Director: Julien Telle
A water line comes alive on a stone surface. It enters a hole and a pipe before reaching the sea. The line is divided, moves over the floor and the city walls. It seems to be looking for something, or someone…


Spain, 2013, 4 minutes, cartoon,
No dialogue
Director: Nicolai Troshinsky
A child, after losing his glasses, cannot see more than one thing focused at a time. His sight is attracted by the sounds around him. He will have to go across a unfocused world, which is also unknown and inhabited by strange people.


Subconscious Password
Canada, 2013, 11 minutes, 3D animation, SOV (English)
Director: Chris Landreth
In this short animation, Oscar-winning director Chris Landreth uses a common social gaffe –forgetting somebody’s name– as the starting point for a mind-bending romp through the unconscious. Inspired by the classic TV game show Password, the film features a wealth of animated celebrity guests who try to prompt our beleaguered protagonist to remember his old pal’s name.


The Ringer
United Kingdom / France, 2013, 17 minutes, Real image and computer animation, SOV (English)
Director: Chris Shepherd
The story of a long lost father who comes back into the life of his animator son to try to get him involved with his crazy gangster genre film script, The Ringer, but also to form a connection with him.


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