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One of the tasks pursued by Animac is working on an educational direction establishing a link between education and animation, animation and education. Because we truly believe that education and animation are inseparable, schools alongside organizations and institutions from around the city teach and learn animation in tandem with Animac.



Date: Friday, 27th November 2015
Led by: Joan Pena
Organized by: Animac and the City Council Department of Politics for People’s Rights and La Panera Art Center (Regidoria de les Polítiques per als drets de les persones i el Centre d'Art la Panera). Number of participants: 60 youngsters
A workshop designed for: young people with ages between 13 and 16, for youngsters from the Network of Open Education Institutions for Leisure and City’s Cyberclasses, with the collaboration of educators from different neighbourhoods of Lleida.

The workshop will focus on the concept of identity. Participants will create their own characters reflecting their own image and working on one of the most important parts of an animation project which is creating a character. Through animation we will reflect on the link between a person and a character, on the vision we have of ourselves and on the concept of selfie. As a result we will obtain a short animated film that can be seen at the Open Screen during Animac 2016.

Joan Pena
He is an illustrator, animator and set designer. Joan has a long career in the audiovisual field, creating videos clips, animated short films and exhibitions of contemporary art. He has also worked in the scenography field, building sets and props for theme parks and also for different theatre companies.


Date: Friday,19th February, 2016 from 14h to 21h and Saturday, 20th February, 2016 from 10h to 14h
Led by: Lluis Greoles
Organized by: Animac and the City Council Department of Politics for People’s Rights –Youth Council.
A workshop designed for: young people with ages between 13 and 30.

The workshop will be an introduction to the techniques of video jockey and to techniques of creating visual Loops where participants will acquire basic knowledge programs like Premier among others.

Lluis Greoles
Lluis Greoles has been around in the world of video DJ since the late 90s. He began his career in venues such as " La sala del cel","La Mirona" or "les carpes de la Devessa"" and later he performed in Florida 135 , at the Festes Majors de Lleida (a traditional celebration of Lleida), at Resident Cotton Club, at the Auditorium of Lleida with the Julia Carbonell Symphonic Orchestra. He is also the creator of Creator VJ's Synchrocine.


Date: February 2016
Led by: Carles Porta
Organized by: Animac and the Municipal School of Art Leandre Cristòfol
A week-long workshop led by Carles Porta, author of Animac posters since 1997.
A workshop designed for: students of Municipal School of Art Leandre Cristòfol who are studying Illustration.

Each student will create two characters that will act as alter ego of all those involved in this project. Students will use an interactive system in the creative process, a system that will be placed in the Hall of la Llotja during Animac 2016. Students can be inspired from this year’s edition poster, which shows the image of an female astronaut and a primitive woman.

Carles Porta
Porta has graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi from the University of Barcelona. He has developed part of his career in various fields such as illustration, graphic design and animation.


Date: Wednesday, 13th April 2016 from 10h to 13h and Thursday, 14th April 2016 from 10h to 13h
Led by: Ramón Nafría
Organized by: Animac and University of Lleida
A workshop aimed at: students from the audiovisual communication degree of the University of Lleida.

The seminar will be led by Ramón Nafría, a renowned gaming expert of the State and will take place within the University’s week of communication that this year will be dedicated to violence and terror in journalism and fiction.

Ramón Nafría
With a computer engineering degree, he has been President of the DOID - the Spanish Association of Digital Interactive Entertainment Developers. He has also worked for Ubisoft, Digital Legends, etc.


Date: Tuesday, 23rd February 2016 and Wednesday, 24th February 2016
Led by: Bruna Ferrazzini and Ilaria Turba
Organized by: Animac and the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova
A four-hour workshop aimed at: hospitalized children from the paediatric ward and floor.

The workshop will be divided in two mornings and it will bring animation closer to children hospitalized during those days at the pediatric floor of Arnau de Vilanova Hospital.
Bruna Ferrazzi and Ilaria Turna are also the promoters of the project Biriki and the rainbow.

WORKSHOP WITH THE SCHOOL ILERNA – Filming and post-production of a course in stop motion animation

Date: from 19th January to 21st January 2016 at Magical Media- Lleida’s Audiovisual Production Center
Led by: Quim Ribalta, El Bombeto
Organized by: Animac and Ilerna
A workshop aimed at: students of Ilerna School who are studying 3D Animation, games and interactive environments interactius (age between 19 and 24).

The team will give life to stories and characters created by the students. After working on the modeling of characters, scenes and script ... it's time to take action and use the movement in stop motion. Animation techniques used by students: Stop motion in the final phase of post-production and Dragonflame as a software used to create animation.


Workshop in collaboration with the audiovisual communication degree of the University of Lleida

Presentrospectiva By Antoni Pinent
Thursday, 10th April from 16.30h to 18h and Friday, 11th April from 10h to 12h
For students of Audiovisual Communication of the University of Lleida

Limiting the facets of Antoni Pinent and emphasizing its most experimental side as a film creator, he arrives from Switzerland to present a retrospective that consists of a selection of his work –never seen in Lleida before– although much of it has been done here. Over two sessions, Pinent will go over his work and the different processes of creation and will exchange views with the students attending the workshop.

His most recent work, G / R / E / A / S / E (2008-2013), has been shown in internationally renowned festivals such as the 'WRO Biennale' (Wroclaw, Poland), 'Curatas Vila do Conde' (Vila do Conde, Portugal), 'EXIS' (London, South Korea), 'BFI. London Film Festival' (London, UK), 'L'Alternativa' (Barcelona) o 'BAFICI 2014' (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Antoni Pinent
Born in November 1975 in Lleida, Antoni Pinent now lives and works in Bern (Switzerland). Aside from his work as a film maker, Pinent was a regular programmer of experimental cinema, animation, independent documentary at Xcèntric, Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona (CCCB), as well as creator and head of its famous section Invisible Cinema (2004-2009). Among his most notable work as a curator, we could distinguish the itinerant exhibition THAT'S NOT ENTERTAINMENT! El Cine Responde al Cine (curated with Andrés Hispano) and the international courses DEL ÉXTASIS AL ARREBATO. 50 Años del Otro Cine Español, and CINE A CONTRACORRIENTE: LATINOAMÉRICA Y ESPAÑA. Dialogues, Confluences, differences ... in the last 80 years (both produced by CCCB and SEACEX, in DVD - catalogue published by Cameo). Pinent has also directed together with Miguel Fernéndez Labayen the international symposium Xperimenta,  Mirades Contemporànies al Cinema Experimental (biennial conferences 2007, 2009, 2011, CCCB), and co-founded the magazine Cabeza borradora (Madrid, 2001-2004).

Grease.jpg copy2_of_pinent.jpg

Workshop with the School Ilerna

Initiation to Stop Motion by Claudi Sorribas from 9zeros School
Tuesday, 28th January from 16h to 20h and Wednesday, 29th January from 16h to 20h
Students of the CFGS: Animation, Videogames and 3D
During the workshop we will work with the main tools that are needed to create a stop motion project. We will go over all the important production aspects: staging, lighting and methods of capturing images. We will establish the techniques for character animation, while making a brief introduction to the current methods of postproduction. The students will work on six different projects.

Claudi Sorribas, professor at 9zeros School
Claudi Sorribas, animator and filmmaker with 20 years of experience in stop motion, traditional cartoon and digital animation in film productions, television, advertising and experimental cinema. Currently, he is the coordinator of the stop motion area at 9zeros School, and also a stop motion professor. 

Ilerna.jpg 9zeros.jpg

Workshop with the School of Art Leandre Cristòfol daumenreise: teavel workshop by Maya Yonesho

From 17th to 20th February
Art Students of the Local Art School Leandre Cristòfol

Works made from small animated drawings supported with the hands about cities and their local population. It is the collaborative work of the director and her students and also children and adults from each place. Since 2006, she has made 33 shorts in 21 different countries.

Maya Yonesho
Yonesho Maya is a Japanese animation director born in Hyogo in 1965. She currently combines her work as a professor at Kyoto Seika University with the production of independent animated films, which have won awards at numerous international festivals and shown in museums.

MayaYonesho_Suvehetk.jpg maya.bmp


Workshop With The Youth Resources Centre La Palma

Animation Cinema And Rotoscoping by Juan Carlos Concha
Friday, 7th February from 17h to 20h and Saturday, 8th February from 10h to 14h
Youth Resources Centre  La Palma
Open to young people from 13 to 30 years, previous registration

We will practise the rotoscoping technique used in films such as Sacnner Darkly, Chico and Rita, Waking Life, among others, and well-known shorts such as Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage, which captures the freshness of some travelling notes that are transferred to tell a story while maintaining the freshness of the sketch. A rotoscope that is not limited to copy the captured image. Instead, there is an artistic intervention applied by the artist to achieve a uniform result, according to a defined aesthetic.

Juan Carlos Concha
Juan Carlos Concha is a graphic designer, filmmaker and visual artist. Works in the audiovisual media field since 1992, producing several projects such as documentaries, short films, television sets, scenery, animated films and experimental videos. He has attended various workshops and audiovisual seminars with professors such as Patricio Guzmán, José Luis Guerin and Bigas Luna, among others. In 2000, he founded his own animation producer TAKINGSHAPE with 5 artists from Barcelona, where he worked until 2004. In 2004 he created APEMANSTUDIO. He has been teaching in different animation schools in Barcelona and Bogota, and has also worked in several European films as an animator, assistant director and background artist.

conchajoventut.jpg JuanCarlosConcha.jpg



Every year, Animac schedules several school sessions so that the local students can be the first to enjoy screenings. 5,500 students from 36 schools of Lleida and its surroundings participated in the sessions that each year open the Festival to approach the audiovisual sector to schools. In this edition, the 18th, Animac showed its commitment with education again, aiming to contribute to children’s education who are the future audience and creators. 

The screenings took place from 19th to 21st February at La Llotja in three blocks, depending on the ages of the students. Thus, "Un lloc per a tothom" was the session aimed at children of kindergarten and first cycle; "Petits herois" for beginning and intermediate courses, and "El soroll del món" for high school students.

These sessions are accompanied by some previous work between the schools and Animac in order to delve deeper into the educational line of the films.

escolars2.jpg escolars1.jpg escolars3.jpg


Workshop with the art centre la panera and children’s department  animation and female gender by CactuSoup

15th, 22nd, 29th November and 4th, 11th, 18th and 20th December.
Organizers: Children’s and Family Department, the Social Welfare and Occupation Department and the Art Centre La Panera.
Collaborators: Pilar Felip Foundation and Animac

From the Department of Social Welfare and Occupation of Lleida’s City Council, we are working from the perspective of the promotion, detection, prevention and intervention in situations of vulnerability or risk; all from different areas, programs and projects.

Specifically, the Department of Children and Family and the Environment Education Project are responsible for detecting the needs and promoting childhood and adolescence in the city in order to meet the demands of the educational system of the territory. The target are children, adolescents and young people living in a situation of risk or who are likely to experience it.

This the reason why joining forces with various professionals and Animac, we have considered creating an animation video with the contents that will be dealt with the different groups involved in the perception of the female role, the improvement of the self-conception, the incorporation of skills to bring constructive relationships and the creation of a positive self-perception. 

Animation, once again, as a teaching resource, will be a tool used to explain and publicize the social reality of these young people and will also participate in the knowledge construction of different animation techniques, while delving into the objectives previously set.

CactuSoup. Artistic Creation
CactuSoup is a creative studio that was founded in early 2009 by the union of two restless minds. CactuSoup works with ideas, images and words and its projects range from illustration, drawing, photography and design to mural painting. We want to highlight the experience of this studio when devising courses and workshops for various groups where, through art, it encourages the development of creativity, teamwork and the learning of artistic techniques.

cactussoup.jpg copy2_of_panera.jpg

Animation cinema with STOP MOTION in the care of Joan Pena

Friday 17th February. From 16 to 21 h
Saturday 16th February. From 10th to 12th h
Place: Palma. Centre of Youth Resources
Open to young people from 13 to 30 years old

The terms WhatsApp, Line or Skype are part of our everyday vocabulary, and even more between young people, who are more used to using a wide variety of resources that the new technologies of communication offer. This is the reason why we think that this world is a good starting point and a perfect reference to make of this animation workshop an interesting and attractive experience.

Joan Pena
Production, illustration and design of scenographies.Works on different scenographic projects at Universal Port Aventura, Hojarasca Theatre of Burgos, Transeduca of Barcelona, Zum Zum Theatre, among others. Produces different works of video-creation such as Lo que queda del día, Geomedia and Roig, as well as video-clips and audiovisual supports for Zuma, Crazy notes and Mister Jones. Illustrations for Makoki magazine, the publicity agency Bakup and animations for the agencies Cantalup, Tartera & Lavilla and others.

joanpena.jpg tallerjoventut13.bmp


La pel·lícula del demà workshop by Isabel Herguera

From the 18th to the 22th February
For students of the Illustration course of EAM

La pel·lícula del demà
The proposal for the workshop La pel·lícula del demà is inspired by the words of Françoise Truffat “the young film-makers will express themselves in first person and will explain how it has happened to them: it could be story of their first love…”. The future is today and honouring the French master will follow his advice and La Pel·lícula del demà will be about the first kiss. We will create the animation from a previously composed soundtrack.

Isabel Herguera
Graduated in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country she carries on her studies in the Arts Academy of Düsseldorf as a student of the artist Nam June Paik. She is also taking a Master in Animation in the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. In 1997, she founded a studio of animation with Satinder Singh: Loko Pictures, in which several publicity projects were produced for clients such as HBO, FOX International and Proctor and Gamble among others. She has given different courses and imparted workshops in the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles (USA), in the International School of Cinema and Television of San Antonio de las Baños (Cuba) and in the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) of Beijing (China). From 2005, she has been invited to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad (India), where she gives a course of animation production annually. From 2007, she designs and coordinates the program of Laboratorio de Imagen en Movimiento from ARTELEKU (San Sebastian). Moreover, her short film La gallina ciega (2005) was nominated to the Goya 2006 awards and her last work Bajo la Almohada (2012) won the Unicef awards in Zinebi-Festival of short films and documentaries of Bilbao 2012.

tallerisabelherguera1.jpg isabelherguera3_baixa.bmp


Animation and documentary workshop by Marcelo Dematei

Wednesday 10th April. From 16 to 19 h.
Thursday 11th April. From 10 to 13 h.
For students of Audiovisual Communication of the University of Lleida

Animation and documentary
From natures, different a priory, today we see how many works appear in alternative tracks, but also commercial, about animated documentaries. To the enormous production, the creation of festivals, specific courses and theoretical publications related to the topic are added. The unification of the technical basis from the use of digital technologies has been one of the elements that contributed to the diffusion of the phenomenon. However, the animated documentary and the language resources needed already existed. We will try to show how they are combined from the specificities of each of them and how the language resources can articulate less evident discourses than the ones we are used to see in the commercial and massive audiovisual. We will also see the presence of the animated documentary or the documentary animation in the new devices and how new syntactic structures are used.

Marcelo Dematei
Artist, designer and investigator. Director of the Master on Animation through computers and specialised investigator on issues such as virtual characters and automatic animation of the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona (2002-2011). In his artistic projects, he focuses on the confluence of art and technology and its structures of language, body, movement and representation. In the theoretical and teaching production he supplies areas such as design, animation and new technologies or the languages and archaeology of the media. As a designer, illustrator and art director, he has worked in different fields, from the editorial and audio-visual to the multimedia. Currently, he develops cross-media projects in his own study and is producing the first season of his animated documentary series + interactive web platform “Contes Vells” for RTVC-Señalcolombia. He has shown projects, given classes and lectures in different universities and institutions o Europe and Latino America. PhD candidate in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

marcelodimatei.jpg marcelo.jpg

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