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Interview to Joaquín Reyes

Do I need to introduce Joaquin Reyes? One of the most groundbreaking comedians of the last years, creator of the pythonian sketch, driver of the always surprising Manchego lexicon, imitator of celebrities... and a draftsman with a very personal style, as this is his original profession.

This year, Joaquin has visited us in order to present his new animated series, in this case, children’s entertainment: Monetes del espacio. In a special session dedicated to Cartoon Network and his irreverent and crazy proposals irreverent, we stuffed ourselves of chapters of Monetes. During the interview, we had the pleasant presence of his son Jesus, the youngest member of the creative team of the series, while he voraciously devoured his snack. Both father and son wear colourful bow ties: “We share them” jokes Joaquin.

Animac Magazine: We have always felt that you are fascinated by monkeys, for they appear everywhere in your work: in Retrospecter, your artwork with monkeys disguised as bellboys... even you became the Mona Chita! And now they are the protagonists of your new series. What’s the matter with the monkeys?

Joaquín Reyes: Monkeys are very interesting and hilarious animals. They are much like us humans, but they also have that animal side, wild and out of control.

AM: What is the objective of Monetes del espacio? How is the structure of a chapter?

JR: The central idea of the series is ... what if some space monkeys came to visit to Earth in order to investigate our customs? The chosen ones are two monkeys, and their relationship is very similar to that of an older brother and younger brother: the chief monkey has ordered the other one to get some corn, and with that excuse, this always comes back with a terrestrial discovery.

AM: Tell us a little bit about the gestation process of the series. You have worked with an external animation studio, right?

JR: Exactly, we worked with the guys of Sopa de Sobre, an independent animation studio in Madrid with which we started to work after the second series we made on Enjuto Mojamuto with the financial support of Movistar. The original idea of “Monetes del Espacio” is from Niguel Esteban –an awesome person- and a humble person; I am responsible for the direction, design and voice of the characters.

AM: ¿And how did Cartoon Network come to be part of the project?

JR: In fact, it was the same Cartoon Network who proposed us the idea of ​​doing a series: Their idea was to propose animation projects to comedians; an animated series for children, humorous, with short chapters (from 1 to 2 minutes).

AM: The series also boasts the creative participation of your own son Jesús.

JR: Yes, he is the singer of the song and is also responsible for the colour palette of the series and the monkeys. I left him the design of the monkeys to colour it and he took care of it. This time the palette is much more alive and shrill than in most of my animation projects, where I play with a cooler range of blue, green and indigo, like in Enjuto Mojamuto or La Cinta VHS.

AM: ¿What cartoons do you see together?

JR: We love Hora de Aventuras, but what really amazes us is El asombroso mundo de Gumball. It is hilarious, the characters are so crazy and the combination of techniques (2D, 3D, puppets, real image) works really well.

At this point of the interview, an emotive Jesus began to enumerate, sandwich in hand, moments and gags of his favourite series. Indeed, he loves it!

AM: Which are your future animation projects?

JR: We are preparing a new series, very crazy, a spin-off of Hincli Mincli, one of the characters in “Las nuevas e inesperadas aventuras de Enjuto Mojamuto”. After a traumatic breakup online, Hincli Mincli abandons civilization and hides himself in a cave, isolated from the world. There he meets a number of characters of different cultures: a mad professor, a woman robot and super intelligent horse. And there will be many absurd secondary characters, of course.

AM: Will it count on Cartoon Network’s collaboration for its broadcast?

JR: No, it’s a completely different project, aimed at our usual pubic, young and adults. The distribution will be online, and we are seeking sponsorship, in a similar way than in Enjuto.

AM: Do you feel like undertaking a more ambitious animation project? We mean a production such as the actual Cartoon Network’s: 22-minute chapters, long narratives and more characters, spaces, frames, etc.

JR: It is true that most of my animation series are very minimalist and are based on verbal gags, in which the protagonists barely leave their little world.

AM:In fact, it has ended up being your style book, and it has worked very well.

JR: You know what, when I was young I was trained as a flash animator. That taught me to use very limited tools to tell my stories, but at the same time they are very creative and inventive. But in the second series of Enjuto we started to expand the world of the characters, with its forays into the forest. And the spin-off of Hincli Mincli will explore this more adventurous side even more; it will be our most ambitious project to date.

AM: Thank you so much for your time!

JR: Thanks to you, you are more than welcome.  We are so happy to come to Animac, don’t we Jesús?

AM: Hey, and what’s up with the 3rd season of Museo Coconut? And what about the premiere of Retorno a Liliflor, your new program of sketches? As fans of your chanante humour, we cannot avoid asking you, we cannot wait for them!

JR: Yes, of course, everyone asks about it. We have not decided a release date yet: both are still pending broadcast by Neox.

Extra ball: How is a random day in the offices of Hill Valley, the film producer of Joaquín Reyes, Miguel Esteban, Ernesto Sevilla, Raúl Cimas and company? After his incorporation as scriptwriters at the end of 2010, the Venga Monjas made a video revealing their modus operandi, vices and obsessions, as well as how nice you are and how you made the effort to make them feel at home.

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